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    ..."Being a physician, trained in Western medicine, and practiced in Eastern philosophy and meditation, interested, open and at the same time skeptical, I went into a session with this healer (DH) that turned out to be deeply life-enhancing. He has an unerring sense of where, in the body, the physiological blocks present a defensive barrier, and his hands-on response is practiced intuitively, sensitively and without any overlay of dogma. Although this description does not fit into current medical paradigms, He appears guided by his own deep attunement to another physical body, allowing him to effect a release in another individual of deeply ingrained negative energies. My experience was profound and life-changing." - Christine Schneider M.D.

    I have had many Chi Gong masters from all over the world work on me. This is the first time in my life that I saw my luminous body outside of me (with both my eyes closed and open). You have a secret in your presence which moves energy. The energy is what the Chinese have known for thousand of ears. It is the “chi” energy which moves the electrons in the body. The body is the biggest crystal in the world and the most complicated. Your ability is to get the inert energy moving – moving energy promotes good health. ~ Dr. Albert Sanchez, Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Research

    That was Heavenly….your energy, strength & healing ability is powerful – beyond that which I can describe. ~ Sean Sebastian, M.D.

    I have had a lot of body work done, but this is different from anything I’ve experienced. Your hands seek out the tension like a magnet. You have the strength to reach the deeper places. A spiritual experience as well as physical. ~ Gato MD – Cardiologist

    I will say that I have had many, many, many types of healing before and many types of bodywork, but what you did was simply amazing. I felt my body vibrate & your hands found all my painful thoughts and old hurts. Thank you sooo much!!!!! I hope to be able to see you again somewhere on the planet! ~ kati, acupuncturist, U.K.

    Hi , I'm not the actress/writer - I'm the psychiatrist who treats actresses and writers (ha). I saw you two times in the public "hands on hall” healing area … You left an indelible impression on me. I can recall the state I found myself in while you were working on me. It allows me to return to that place of consciousness where everything is allowed, nothing is resisted and the deep longing I feel meets desire in every other molecule around me. Under your touch there was hardly a you and a me. There was just an experience of the fundamental vibration of love. You are always in my heart! I would be so, so happy to see you again. ~ S. C. MD

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Event Notice last minute reminder Sunday night July 18th 6 30 pm

Free Distance Healing Events for July | Every Wed & Sunday | AM & PM

Posted on July 7, 2010 by Free Distance Healings

Free Distance Healing Events for July 2010:

Wednesdays:  July 7, 14, 21, 28: 6:30 to 8:30 AM & 6:30 to 8:30 PM

Sundays: July 4, 11, 18, 25, Aug 1 : 6:30 to 8:30 AM & 6:30 to 8:30 PM

We invite you to one of the largest, most effective, Free Healing Services on Facebook


each Day 1000 to 3000 Facebook Friends and Fan

Receive Free Distance Soul Energy Healings

with the Whimsical Mystic aka DH of the Free Distance Healing Project aka  FDHP

enjoy the profound healing & humor of the hardest working & happiest healer on Facebook

This is REAL healing equal to or beyond many offerings online or in person

for which other healers often charge hundreds or even thousands of $$$$$$

continuous healing energy for 1 week or more at a time

even while you work, sleep, play

simply by saying YES in your heart to receive healing

You do not have to ATTEND – only – INTEND to benefit

You can join in at anytime during the week or month long events

Each FDHP healing is sent out in a Mass Transmission by only DH aka Whimsical Mystic to everyone simultaneously (although the energy works with each individually), using both “no technique” and many distance healing techniques learned or revealed to our master healer, DH, over the past 3 decades.

Usually 1 or more daily healing/blessing/activation mass transmissions are sent out at unspecified times of unspecified duration (but often 1 hour each day) starting 1 week before each posted event. Continual healing benefits can be realized by simply tuning into the energy by saying YES.

Scheduled sessions for Wednesday and Sunday (mornings and evenings) will be offered for the month of May thru July for our Facebook friends and anyone (& their friends, family, & pets) who wish/set an Intention to be included during the event.

Healing energies really can begin as soon as you read this notice and intend for yourself, children and pets. We encode this page with blessings, mana, prana, prayer, etc. to begin flowing upon reading.  Many energy sensitive participants report feeling energies as soon as they sign up.

Many participants find benefit and value from just Intending to Receive and then forget about it as they go about their daily lives. You do not have to feel or notice the energy to benefit. Sudden unusual changes in mood, energy, health, vanishing or diminishing of pain can suddenly manifest for no apparent reason as a result of these sessions. Sometimes old and new pains are activated as well as the energy works to clear, cleanse energetic blocks and begins to bring your systems into balance and harmony.  This can be as uncomfortable but as necessary as removing a sliver, but is also a clear “sign” that something “real” is happening-so this correlation with the distance healing is a good thing!

Of course, not every modality or healer works for everyone, but DH will do all he can do to “stack the deck” in your favor.

This is not an internet & not a phone session – this is an anyone, anyhow, everywhere worldwide event! Simply sit or lie down, close your eyes, say a little prayer of protection against outside interference and reaffirm your intention to heal and then just relax.  If you can not or do not want to set aside this quiet time – no worries – just get what you can “on the run”

For those of us who are used to one on one sessions with healers this concept may run counter to our expectations and we might assume that the energy coming to us individuallly will be diluted.. NOT!-We ask you to set aside your perceived requirements for individual attention and trust that there is actually an exponential healing power available for you by participating in a group energy. The biblical phrase ‘Where two or more are gathered in my name”  resonates with this concept of group amplification of energy.

Your healing begins the moment you set a healing Intentionlong before the formally scheduled events.  It is common for many participants to feel energy or shifts early on and sensitive participants immediately. Remember, you do not have to “Attend to Win” as it is more important to INTEND than ATTEND.

for many more, nothing else beyond YES is required to receive noticeable benefit

all additional time & effort in “Attending” events or otherwise “tune -ing in”  is optional. Multiple events are generously scheduled through out the week to allow optimal convenience for participants the world over. The “collective intention synergy” of over 1000 particpants each event dramatically increases the healing effectiveness. Remember It is not necessary to attend these events – but we certainly reccommend you squeeze in 5 to 15 minutes (or more) of quiet time if you can.  After all, the Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on, you will draw more of the same. Therefore, we highly encourage some quiet time…especially for those busy participants who feel they are not benefitting much from mere Setting Intention.  If this is the case – Pay more Attention – if you can.

Otherwise, spend as little or as much time during the week or any of our scheculed events in quiet time, sitting, lying, in meditation, etc, as you need, desire.. have time for ..

Our long event durations simply allow many from different timezones to participate conveniently

The energy will tend to ramp up & healing and detox effects will often intensify over the last few days leading up to the event. The effects often continue to unfold for days or even weeks afterwards.  On the event morning & night, DH broadcasts the healing transmission for at least a 2 hour period to allow more participants across many time zones to sit and physically participate.  So sit for a few minutes or the for entire 2 hours as you desire… or just ask to tune in later after you finish with whatever else it is you are busy with.  You will still receive benefit.  Time and Distance are not really restrictions, the energy is constantly available with surging peaks of energy that sweep out in a wave with each live session.

You do not have to believe in energy healing nor subscribe to any particular belief system in order to benefit. For example, animals presumably have no belief system yet testimonials of pets being healed abound.  Of course, for “sentient” beings, belief seems to often reinforce/diminish desirable effects.  Less energy is required to swim with the current than against it.  Nevertheless, as we have witnessed countless times in working with hard core skeptics, that the frequencies of Love and Chi (energy) are much like the force of gravity, independent of your personal belief system to a surprising extent-and work even in the face of clear disbelief.  Remember, Time & Distance present no real obstacle to these healing frequencies either so you can begin feeling energy even when reading this invite or after an event is finished.

If you feel that you benefit from these events, please feel free to share this invitation through facebook or email, etc.  with everyone you feel may benefit as well.

Most weeks include

4 scheduled 2 hour Healings/Blessings every

Wednesday & Sunday

6:30-8:30 AM & PM PDT (Los Angeles)

ez  time conversions for 141 cities and 24 time zones -subtract 12 hours for AM sessions

Wednesdays Sundays

The Free Distance Healing Project is 501 C3 charity

really, do not decline the RSVP simply because you think you will be busy during scheduled events

You can still benefit with simply taking a moment now to simply wish to receive!

for complete details, healer bio,  testimonials, email & useful links back & forth

Links: Blog, FB Fanpage, FB Profile, LIKE Event RSVP, WorldClock , Website , WhimsicalMystic@gmail.com

really, do not decline the RSVP simply because you think you will be busy during scheduled events or missed the beginning of a week or session…NO WORRIES!

Do not decline because you feel you have reached a State of Spiritual Enlighenment and are required to or prefer only do your own work or can only benefit from your own work.  Do you restrict yourself to eating only ONE FRUIT from the garden of Creation.

Do you reject attending a concert and listening to the music of notable musicians simply because you play an instrument yourself. You can enjoy this work with out risk to your delicate energy field. I am only here to cleanse and cast out pains and darkness

Gurus, medicine men, shamans. monks, priests, bishops, ministerss, traditional & renegade holy men have praised this work from personal experience.  Remember that The Master Jesus accepted a “baptism” from John – his lessor.  Good thing he did not suffer from the pretensions that he yet had been blessed in full measure.

The Indian Guru – Yogi Shanti Sarup – President & Founder of the World Peace Parliament in Hardiwar, India had this to say of this work in 2003.

It was my great pleasure to have spiritual healing through form DH….heals your body, mind and takes you to blissful State of consciousness….DH does work selflessly.

Again, to receive the healing, simply take a moment right now and say YES to receiving the energy.  Unscheduled healing attunements will begin daily as soon as each event notice is posted. Your healing will actually begin as soon as you make the decision to receive it.

Thousands of testimonials already scattered everywhere on our Facebook Fan, Friend & Event pages and at our blog and websites.  For a more concentrated blog of testimonials from previous work please visit our  Blog or click the Endorsement Tabs above to read testimonials from MDs, celebritys and authors.
Please join in.  The energy is safe – all love and light – with no agenda other than your well being and spiritual awakening and growth. No bad mojo, mind control, no ill or selfish intentions – period.  No wish to wrangle your WILL, WALLET or manner of Worship.   He wishes only to for the work to be Witnessed and shared with the world at large – anonymously for as long as that is possible..

Are you are disheartened from the work of countless numbers of well meaning but ineffective healers? Worse, are you in despair and outrage from the increasong numbers of delusional selfish healers/teachers/gurus who give you little but flowery words and negilble energy – in exchange for vast amounts of your energy, money, and allegiance ……pretending to give God all the CREDIT but taking your CREDIT CARD for hundreds and thousands of dollars-and using the Laws of Attraction and Abundance as their shield?

If  so, then you might find this work a refreshing and restorative deliverance from that worry and confusion.  The Whimsical Mystic feels there are far too many eloquently “preaching the word” – far less “Being the Word”. He asks everyone to measure by results and not by words alone. 

The Whimsical Mystic has no interest in being your guru, taking your power, bending your will, vampiring your soul or taking your money.  He is a Cosmic Fool and wishes only to be a Simple Healer – albeit a very busy one.  If this insane project brings the healing work enough recognition so the “FOOL” no longer has chase, or otherwise waste his precious time and talent to convince people to avail themselves of Free Grace, he will be plenty thrilled.   He trusts the universe will abundantly take care of those who truly put service of others first.

Virtually every sacred text and tradition warns against “selling” of the sacraments -the sacred and holy- without diminishing the gift.    The Whimsical Mystic has no wish to risk having his gift diminished. Rather he wishes to witness the lame walk, the blind see, the dead be raised – he is not in this for money – he is in this for mastery and ascension – anything else would be simply short changing himself and more importantly you – from your viewpoint.

Please do not mis-interpret, we do not feel there is anything wrong with money -The Free Distance Healing Project will shortly announce it new 501 c-3 legal charity status and will be happy to accept donations for various services. However, the Whimsical Mystic vows to continue his 20 year tradition of never turning anyone in need away for not having the ability to pay. The projects continuous healing events will still probably continue through out each month with few gaps. Additional special events will also be introduced.

The whimsical mystic does wish that participants who are helped to consider some way to “pay it forward” and consider doing “one good deed a day”, “an intentional or random act of kindness”, or a small donation if moved to.  Nothing is required of  you.  DH would not force or bend your Free Will anymore than God would..

For now, DH is keeping his formal identity secret as well, since he feels healings should be more about you than about him. He prefers the focus to be on your needs and your results. The recognition should be for the work and results – not merely for personality and popularity.  If popularity leads to greater service to to humanity, then great – if for greater self service and money – then it is a road to ruin.
DH feels his biggest contribution in providing these healings and activations is that your energy field is being upgraded with frequencies and templates by direct activation and entrainment.  Think of it as training wheels on your “energy field” bicycle until you can combine balance with forward motion and steering.  Training wheels do not talk to you and tell or teach you how to ride a bike-they simply provide stability.  Words would simply fail to provide steadiness and safety while you achieve a new heightened sense of balance.  However, a solid push forward past your fear and frozen present, may just give you just the help you need.

At some point in the future you will no longer need these healings/activations/blessings though you may still benefit from them. Truth is that you do not need them now. In a very real sense, no one really needs healing. We are all perfect already, wearing costumes and roles that we largely create for ourselves-at least the broad strokes of our lives.  These illusions can be dissolved, these costumes unraveled,  & healing manifested in a holy instant.  All of this work is simply a way to prime your consciousness and energy field with frequencies and other sacred templates and encodings which make this spiritual transformation more possible and probable within time frames that don’t require thousands of lifetimes.

This does not mean that we can not benefit from outside help, just that at some point you have to finish the “inner finish” work by yourself.  The Whimsical Mystic is fond of saying, If you think anyone else is going to complete your work or save you, you are sadly mistaken.  On the other hand, if you think you have arrived to where you are now without the help of others, you are even more deluded.  No man is an island, there are nearly 7 billion souls walking the earth-countless individuated reflections of God in various stages of Soul evolution and expression.  Some have already achieved mastery which may evade most of us for hundreds of incarnations (perhaps myself included).  Do not refuse benefit because of spiritual arrogance .  Do not be dismissive because i portend whimsical and foolish – I AM – THE FOOL not a fool.  If you can not fathom the difference, you are not ready for the Gifts i have been chosen by Destiny to impart.  You can be profoundly benefited by the beggar you dismiss.

DH feels his work/teaching is best transmitted by Touch/Transmission rather than Talk. The work is more aptly described as a transmission of consciousness, a dispensation of Grace than as mere energy work. If you seek mostly Talk and explanation, there are countless teachers full of flowery language, but few that can directly encode & entrain your energy field with higher, unspoken vibrations that you can really feel.  Those that claim to do so often charge $100s or even $1000s. When you are tired of overpaying for smoke and mirrors, come and get a taste of your own Infinite Self.  The only price is a little humility and a willingness to be self-liberated from some pain and suffering. The price is not so much measured in what you Give, but rather by what you are willing to GIVE-UP – such as your pride, a bad habit or two.  The price of your Wholeness, Healing, Salvation has always been ALL or NOTHING.  NOTHING because LIFE itself is the ultimate gift of Love and Grace
A message for other healers participating on this project

Currently all healings on this project are sent by only one healer- the Whimsical Mystic aka DH  We ask that all other healers participating to receive only and limit their sending to Love and good wishes.  Participants have simply not given you permission to send them energy. Do not presume to violate their free will   People signing up here may or may not be comfortable with an unknown group of healers sending.  Thus, we simply can not give random healers permission to simply come on the project and send as they Please just receive for now, many healers find their gifts further amplified and cleared by this work.

We will shortly create two new groups and separate events for other healers to send healing.  One will be invitation and healers will be listed and the other an open event where anyone may send/receive
.Once again, If you are on Facebook, we ask you to  RSVP to each posted event. We will shortly provide an event sign up on our website http://www.distancehealings.org for those not on facebook who wish to formally register for healings.
To be updated of future events click the LIKE button on our Free Distance Healing Project page.
You may include others (who give you permission) by writing their names down on a list and setting your intention to include them.  You are encouraged to share these links by email or any other method you wish to share. As the number of participants grow, the healing energy is amplified.


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