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    ..."Being a physician, trained in Western medicine, and practiced in Eastern philosophy and meditation, interested, open and at the same time skeptical, I went into a session with this healer (DH) that turned out to be deeply life-enhancing. He has an unerring sense of where, in the body, the physiological blocks present a defensive barrier, and his hands-on response is practiced intuitively, sensitively and without any overlay of dogma. Although this description does not fit into current medical paradigms, He appears guided by his own deep attunement to another physical body, allowing him to effect a release in another individual of deeply ingrained negative energies. My experience was profound and life-changing." - Christine Schneider M.D.

    I have had many Chi Gong masters from all over the world work on me. This is the first time in my life that I saw my luminous body outside of me (with both my eyes closed and open). You have a secret in your presence which moves energy. The energy is what the Chinese have known for thousand of ears. It is the “chi” energy which moves the electrons in the body. The body is the biggest crystal in the world and the most complicated. Your ability is to get the inert energy moving – moving energy promotes good health. ~ Dr. Albert Sanchez, Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Research

    That was Heavenly….your energy, strength & healing ability is powerful – beyond that which I can describe. ~ Sean Sebastian, M.D.

    I have had a lot of body work done, but this is different from anything I’ve experienced. Your hands seek out the tension like a magnet. You have the strength to reach the deeper places. A spiritual experience as well as physical. ~ Gato MD – Cardiologist

    I will say that I have had many, many, many types of healing before and many types of bodywork, but what you did was simply amazing. I felt my body vibrate & your hands found all my painful thoughts and old hurts. Thank you sooo much!!!!! I hope to be able to see you again somewhere on the planet! ~ kati, acupuncturist, U.K.

    Hi , I'm not the actress/writer - I'm the psychiatrist who treats actresses and writers (ha). I saw you two times in the public "hands on hall” healing area … You left an indelible impression on me. I can recall the state I found myself in while you were working on me. It allows me to return to that place of consciousness where everything is allowed, nothing is resisted and the deep longing I feel meets desire in every other molecule around me. Under your touch there was hardly a you and a me. There was just an experience of the fundamental vibration of love. You are always in my heart! I would be so, so happy to see you again. ~ S. C. MD

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Belief & Faith

The tenets of faith and belief are cornerstones of nearly all sacred wisdom traditions. What role do they play in alternative energy healing? In Judea-Christianity faith is beautifully defined in a passage from

Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Concepts of Chi, prana, holy spirit, chakras, all speak to “the evidence of things not seen” as viewed by modern science or even lay people for that matter. Discerning the invisible remains the province of healers, seers, mystics, gurus, medical intuitives & perhaps a few ghost hunters. Thus the existence of these energies must be taken largely on faith until one actually experiences results.

Yet, we claim that you do not have to believe in energy healing nor subscribe to any particular belief system in order to benefit immensely.  Presumably animals have no belief system, yet testimonials of pets being healed abound.  Of course, for human beings, increased belief in healing does seem to reinforce the desirable effects. Jesus echos the same exact sentiment in

Mark 11:24
Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

In fact, the mitigating effects of belief are so common and powerful that throughout medical and scientific literature they have coined the phrase “The Placebo Effect” to describe the well known phenomenon .  Curiously, the term is most often used by nay sayers to dismiss the possibilities of unseen healing energies while perhaps the effect should be exalted-not dismissed- and be more deeply explored. Nevertheless, as we have witnessed on countless occasions in working with hard core skeptics, that the forces of Love and Chi (energy) are independent of your personal belief system- and much like gravity- work even in the face of clear unbelief.

Case in point, a skeptical woman living in the Philippines shared the following:

Just want to let you know that you are really amazing person. My arms began to float all by themselves (here in the Philippines while you are in the USA)!!  You taught me a lot of things which I’m honored and thankful to have . I’m grateful i knew you and you really made me feel special. Thank you for the healings and for the energies that you sent. You knew that I’m not that person who believes anyone at first but you really proved yourself and you really do open eyes and hearts to you! You taught me a lessons in life too.” If you want something all the universe will conspire in helping you to achieve it.”. DH, thank you very much for everything! Thank you for all your love! You are truly blessed … I hope that you are always in good hands.. I love you! Take care! ~Jesiree M, Philippines.

DH is fond of saying.

A healing is always more about the Healed than it is about the Healer. However, it is clear that one healer often has a powerful effect on a patient when other healers using the same techniques have had little or none. What any healer brings to a session beyond technique is their presence, their essence, their rate and level of vibration and their level of conviction, commitment, & belief! A healer’s confidence and expectancy that beneficial effects will consistently follow the application of their efforts – desire, attention, intention and most importantly their love in a healing. Expectation that something amazing or beneficial will occur is not to be confused with having an attachment to a specific result (but that is another topic)

All things being equal, what “healer believes is often more important that what the client believes.” Indeed, it can be said that a healer’s work is not to believe in what is wrong with a client. The client, his doctors, etc have all conspired to hammer in those nails of fear and illness. Rather it is the healer’s job to believe in what is right with the client, to see their true wholeness, to believe strongly enough to over ride the beliefs of the client, to shape-shift and alter the reality of the client momentarily so the grip of illusion is dissolved and the client is restored to their wholeness.

Einstein once remarked that all of “reality is an illusion. It is just a persistent one”. So, it is not that a person illness or injury is not real. It is real enough. It is simply only one of many possible realities you can manifest for yourself.

Your core beliefs, particularly your sub conscious ones are largely reflected in the circumstances you have attracted into your life.

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