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    ..."Being a physician, trained in Western medicine, and practiced in Eastern philosophy and meditation, interested, open and at the same time skeptical, I went into a session with this healer (DH) that turned out to be deeply life-enhancing. He has an unerring sense of where, in the body, the physiological blocks present a defensive barrier, and his hands-on response is practiced intuitively, sensitively and without any overlay of dogma. Although this description does not fit into current medical paradigms, He appears guided by his own deep attunement to another physical body, allowing him to effect a release in another individual of deeply ingrained negative energies. My experience was profound and life-changing." - Christine Schneider M.D.

    I have had many Chi Gong masters from all over the world work on me. This is the first time in my life that I saw my luminous body outside of me (with both my eyes closed and open). You have a secret in your presence which moves energy. The energy is what the Chinese have known for thousand of ears. It is the “chi” energy which moves the electrons in the body. The body is the biggest crystal in the world and the most complicated. Your ability is to get the inert energy moving – moving energy promotes good health. ~ Dr. Albert Sanchez, Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Research

    That was Heavenly….your energy, strength & healing ability is powerful – beyond that which I can describe. ~ Sean Sebastian, M.D.

    I have had a lot of body work done, but this is different from anything I’ve experienced. Your hands seek out the tension like a magnet. You have the strength to reach the deeper places. A spiritual experience as well as physical. ~ Gato MD – Cardiologist

    I will say that I have had many, many, many types of healing before and many types of bodywork, but what you did was simply amazing. I felt my body vibrate & your hands found all my painful thoughts and old hurts. Thank you sooo much!!!!! I hope to be able to see you again somewhere on the planet! ~ kati, acupuncturist, U.K.

    Hi , I'm not the actress/writer - I'm the psychiatrist who treats actresses and writers (ha). I saw you two times in the public "hands on hall” healing area … You left an indelible impression on me. I can recall the state I found myself in while you were working on me. It allows me to return to that place of consciousness where everything is allowed, nothing is resisted and the deep longing I feel meets desire in every other molecule around me. Under your touch there was hardly a you and a me. There was just an experience of the fundamental vibration of love. You are always in my heart! I would be so, so happy to see you again. ~ S. C. MD

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Burning Man Special Event Thursday Aug 26 2 PM Sacred Feminine

Time is fixed on Thursday, August 26, 2010 at 2:00 PM Los Angeles time

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Honolulu Thu 11:00 AM Sao Paulo Thu 6:00 PM Addis Ababa Midnight Thu-Fri
Anchorage * Thu 1:00 PM Rio de Janeiro Thu 6:00 PM Baghdad Midnight Thu-Fri
Vancouver * Thu 2:00 PM St. John’s * Thu 6:30 PM Aden Midnight Thu-Fri
San Francisco * Thu 2:00 PM Reykjavik Thu 9:00 PM Riyadh Midnight Thu-Fri
Seattle * Thu 2:00 PM Casablanca Thu 9:00 PM Antananarivo Midnight Thu-Fri
Los Angeles * Thu 2:00 PM Lisbon * Thu 10:00 PM Kuwait City Midnight Thu-Fri
Phoenix Thu 2:00 PM Dublin * Thu 10:00 PM Moscow * Fri 1:00 AM
Edmonton * Thu 3:00 PM London * Thu 10:00 PM Dubai Fri 1:00 AM
Denver * Thu 3:00 PM Lagos Thu 10:00 PM Tehran * Fri 1:30 AM
Guatemala Thu 3:00 PM Algiers Thu 10:00 PM Kabul Fri 1:30 AM
San Salvador Thu 3:00 PM Madrid * Thu 11:00 PM Karachi Fri 2:00 AM
Tegucigalpa Thu 3:00 PM Barcelona * Thu 11:00 PM Tashkent Fri 2:00 AM
Managua Thu 3:00 PM Paris * Thu 11:00 PM Islamabad Fri 2:00 AM
Mexico City * Thu 4:00 PM Brussels * Thu 11:00 PM Lahore Fri 2:00 AM
Winnipeg * Thu 4:00 PM Amsterdam * Thu 11:00 PM Mumbai Fri 2:30 AM
Houston * Thu 4:00 PM Geneva * Thu 11:00 PM New Delhi Fri 2:30 AM
Minneapolis * Thu 4:00 PM Zürich * Thu 11:00 PM Kolkata Fri 2:30 AM
St. Paul * Thu 4:00 PM Frankfurt * Thu 11:00 PM Kathmandu Fri 2:45 AM
New Orleans * Thu 4:00 PM Oslo * Thu 11:00 PM Almaty Fri 3:00 AM
Chicago * Thu 4:00 PM Copenhagen * Thu 11:00 PM Dhaka Fri 3:00 AM
Montgomery * Thu 4:00 PM Rome * Thu 11:00 PM Yangon Fri 3:30 AM
Lima Thu 4:00 PM Berlin * Thu 11:00 PM Bangkok Fri 4:00 AM
Kingston Thu 4:00 PM Prague * Thu 11:00 PM Hanoi Fri 4:00 AM
Bogota Thu 4:00 PM Zagreb * Thu 11:00 PM Jakarta Fri 4:00 AM
Caracas Thu 4:30 PM Vienna * Thu 11:00 PM Kuala Lumpur Fri 5:00 AM
Indianapolis * Thu 5:00 PM Stockholm * Thu 11:00 PM Singapore Fri 5:00 AM
Atlanta * Thu 5:00 PM Cape Town Thu 11:00 PM Hong Kong Fri 5:00 AM
Detroit * Thu 5:00 PM Budapest * Thu 11:00 PM Perth Fri 5:00 AM
Havana * Thu 5:00 PM Belgrade * Thu 11:00 PM Beijing Fri 5:00 AM
Miami * Thu 5:00 PM Warsaw * Thu 11:00 PM Manila Fri 5:00 AM
Toronto * Thu 5:00 PM Johannesburg Thu 11:00 PM Shanghai Fri 5:00 AM
Nassau * Thu 5:00 PM Harare Thu 11:00 PM Taipei Fri 5:00 AM
Washington DC * Thu 5:00 PM Cairo Thu 11:00 PM Seoul Fri 6:00 AM
Ottawa * Thu 5:00 PM Sofia * Midnight Thu-Fri Tokyo Fri 6:00 AM
Philadelphia * Thu 5:00 PM Athens * Midnight Thu-Fri Darwin Fri 6:30 AM
New York * Thu 5:00 PM Tallinn * Midnight Thu-Fri Adelaide Fri 6:30 AM
Montreal * Thu 5:00 PM Helsinki * Midnight Thu-Fri Melbourne Fri 7:00 AM
Boston * Thu 5:00 PM Bucharest * Midnight Thu-Fri Canberra Fri 7:00 AM
Santiago Thu 5:00 PM Minsk * Midnight Thu-Fri Sydney Fri 7:00 AM
Santo Domingo Thu 5:00 PM Istanbul * Midnight Thu-Fri Brisbane Fri 7:00 AM
La Paz Thu 5:00 PM Kyiv * Midnight Thu-Fri Vladivostok * Fri 8:00 AM
San Juan Thu 5:00 PM Khartoum Midnight Thu-Fri Kamchatka * Fri 9:00 AM
Asuncion Thu 5:00 PM Ankara * Midnight Thu-Fri Auckland Fri 9:00 AM
Halifax * Thu 6:00 PM Jerusalem * Midnight Thu-Fri Anadyr * Fri 9:00 AM
Buenos Aires Thu 6:00 PM Beirut * Midnight Thu-Fri Suva Fri 9:00 AM
Montevideo Thu 6:00 PM Amman * Midnight Thu-Fri Chatham Islands Fri 9:45 AM
Brasilia Thu 6:00 PM Nairobi Midnight Thu-Fri Kiritimati Fri 11:00 AM
Local time for UK UTC (London): Thursday, August 26, 2010 at 10:00:00 PM

Current UTC (or GMT/Zulu)-time used: Thursday, August 26, 2010 at 21:00:00
UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.
Great Britain/United Kingdom is one hour ahead of UTC during summer.


* means the time shown is adjusted for daylight saving time(DST) or summer time (69 places listed).
Thu means Thursday, August 26, 2010 (80 places listed).
Fri means Friday, August 27, 2010 (61 places listed).

No liabilities for any errors.


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