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    ..."Being a physician, trained in Western medicine, and practiced in Eastern philosophy and meditation, interested, open and at the same time skeptical, I went into a session with this healer (DH) that turned out to be deeply life-enhancing. He has an unerring sense of where, in the body, the physiological blocks present a defensive barrier, and his hands-on response is practiced intuitively, sensitively and without any overlay of dogma. Although this description does not fit into current medical paradigms, He appears guided by his own deep attunement to another physical body, allowing him to effect a release in another individual of deeply ingrained negative energies. My experience was profound and life-changing." - Christine Schneider M.D.

    I have had many Chi Gong masters from all over the world work on me. This is the first time in my life that I saw my luminous body outside of me (with both my eyes closed and open). You have a secret in your presence which moves energy. The energy is what the Chinese have known for thousand of ears. It is the “chi” energy which moves the electrons in the body. The body is the biggest crystal in the world and the most complicated. Your ability is to get the inert energy moving – moving energy promotes good health. ~ Dr. Albert Sanchez, Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Research

    That was Heavenly….your energy, strength & healing ability is powerful – beyond that which I can describe. ~ Sean Sebastian, M.D.

    I have had a lot of body work done, but this is different from anything I’ve experienced. Your hands seek out the tension like a magnet. You have the strength to reach the deeper places. A spiritual experience as well as physical. ~ Gato MD – Cardiologist

    I will say that I have had many, many, many types of healing before and many types of bodywork, but what you did was simply amazing. I felt my body vibrate & your hands found all my painful thoughts and old hurts. Thank you sooo much!!!!! I hope to be able to see you again somewhere on the planet! ~ kati, acupuncturist, U.K.

    Hi , I'm not the actress/writer - I'm the psychiatrist who treats actresses and writers (ha). I saw you two times in the public "hands on hall” healing area … You left an indelible impression on me. I can recall the state I found myself in while you were working on me. It allows me to return to that place of consciousness where everything is allowed, nothing is resisted and the deep longing I feel meets desire in every other molecule around me. Under your touch there was hardly a you and a me. There was just an experience of the fundamental vibration of love. You are always in my heart! I would be so, so happy to see you again. ~ S. C. MD

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We have 2 main Service Categories;

1:  Free Group Distance Healing Events and will have monthly and yearly

2:  Pay Subscrition service in the near future.

For the time being we plan to disable our subscription sign up page on our parent website.  In fact, we may disable our parent website www.distancehealings.org until  we develop, launch & promote our Free Distant Healing Project on Facebook.  We may turn the feature back on in the near future if we have significant inquiries in continual healing services. If interested you may inquire in the  reply at the bottom of the page.

Consistent with our philosophy and concerns we have expressed earlier, we at FDH will structure our offerings – Free or Fee – consistent with our mission of service, research and education.

Monthly and Yearly Subscription Healing Services will shortly be available at our parent website: www.distancehealings.com starting at $1 a day for those participants who align with this level of personal commitment and investment in their health and spiritual development and feel this level of energy exchange is appropriate for them.  Our subscription pricing will be significantly less than similar online offerings.  click this link for further details on our healing subscriptions.

All monetary support is welcome.  While we have no judgment against making a profit, the concept of a fair energy exchange is well grounded in many healing traditions, we wish to make it clear to all participants that we are not a profit oriented concern.  To that end all profits for the first year of the Distance Healing Project will be used to support Healing and Educational Research charities.  A formal 501 c-3 is being created now.  Until then all money beyond operational expenses will be head in escrow.


12 Responses

  1. Hi, I am writing to ask if DH ever offers classes in his method of healing. As a nurse I have worked with lots of patients over the years and have used a number of energy medicine techniques. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were more people out there who could intend to send more precise healing energy to the world.

    Thanks for the info,
    Kathy 🙂

  2. I would like to offer web development services, I specialize in word press, both the .com and self-hosted. I am aligned with your project and if I can aid you in any way with your web presence please contact me.

  3. I am interested in the free on-line healing events. I just noticed the dates and I’ve obviously missed this group of sessions! However, I would appreciate being informed of upcoming events. I have many health issues I’ dealing with ~physically, emotionally and spiritually. I’ve had to quit work and am existing on a disability pension, therefore unable to go to a healing practioner, or believe me I would. Years back I took did some trainig through the hospital in Healing touch and have experience the power of healing energy. I need help (like yesterday!~I try to keep a sense of humour) It’s difficult though when I feel myself getting weaker and I feel afraid. I know the less you do, the less you can do, but my energy level is so depleated that when I do try to do things I hurt and feel even more exhaustef so then I’m afraid to try again. It’s a viscious downward spiral and I want to flip it into an upward healing spiral, but I can’t do it alone. I would appreciate hearing from you.

  4. Please tell me how can I get healing….i am not sure what the procedure is, sir.

  5. hi dh, i am new to this page altho i am no stranger to energy healing. i have two requests. may i please ask for healing for my cat, she is fighting a bladder infection and something is wrong with her lungs, not sure what and have no money for vet or even herbs. Also, may i just ask for some spiritual and energetic he…aling for myself. After compound losses and trauma over the years, i feel my energy is completely spent, and i have many things to do in my life and just can’t seem to find motivation or energy the past two years. Thank you

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