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    ..."Being a physician, trained in Western medicine, and practiced in Eastern philosophy and meditation, interested, open and at the same time skeptical, I went into a session with this healer (DH) that turned out to be deeply life-enhancing. He has an unerring sense of where, in the body, the physiological blocks present a defensive barrier, and his hands-on response is practiced intuitively, sensitively and without any overlay of dogma. Although this description does not fit into current medical paradigms, He appears guided by his own deep attunement to another physical body, allowing him to effect a release in another individual of deeply ingrained negative energies. My experience was profound and life-changing." - Christine Schneider M.D.

    I have had many Chi Gong masters from all over the world work on me. This is the first time in my life that I saw my luminous body outside of me (with both my eyes closed and open). You have a secret in your presence which moves energy. The energy is what the Chinese have known for thousand of ears. It is the “chi” energy which moves the electrons in the body. The body is the biggest crystal in the world and the most complicated. Your ability is to get the inert energy moving – moving energy promotes good health. ~ Dr. Albert Sanchez, Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Research

    That was Heavenly….your energy, strength & healing ability is powerful – beyond that which I can describe. ~ Sean Sebastian, M.D.

    I have had a lot of body work done, but this is different from anything I’ve experienced. Your hands seek out the tension like a magnet. You have the strength to reach the deeper places. A spiritual experience as well as physical. ~ Gato MD – Cardiologist

    I will say that I have had many, many, many types of healing before and many types of bodywork, but what you did was simply amazing. I felt my body vibrate & your hands found all my painful thoughts and old hurts. Thank you sooo much!!!!! I hope to be able to see you again somewhere on the planet! ~ kati, acupuncturist, U.K.

    Hi , I'm not the actress/writer - I'm the psychiatrist who treats actresses and writers (ha). I saw you two times in the public "hands on hall” healing area … You left an indelible impression on me. I can recall the state I found myself in while you were working on me. It allows me to return to that place of consciousness where everything is allowed, nothing is resisted and the deep longing I feel meets desire in every other molecule around me. Under your touch there was hardly a you and a me. There was just an experience of the fundamental vibration of love. You are always in my heart! I would be so, so happy to see you again. ~ S. C. MD

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A random mix of distant and in person sessions

Thank you for the loving/healing touch. Very close to a divine experience I once had – I’d like to thank you – please come to Jackson . ~Susan H

You are God’s healer-angel.. I am forever changed, and grateful. Shalom – Susan

I have no words to describe what I have just experienced.  Awakening. Thank you – Kelly Davis

Wow, how wonderful. How do you do it? I felt your hands inside my body…healing, loving and caring. Your gift is incredible and I thank you from your heart and soul. Love – Lisa Ferguson –

Thanks, I am supposed to have Multiple Sclerosis. It felt like it did before- when I thought I was OK. ~ Lizz

For the first time since I was a small girl, I felt beauty and sexy with not ties to intimacy involved. Thank you so much for healing my heart. ~ Rebecca

With this cancer inside me, you made me feel better – Sherry Cook

DH  brings forth spiritual beauty from within Rev Anne Taylor

When I first lay down I had a terrible stomachache and headache. After … feel energetic and not sick! – Heidi

I couldn’t lie down to sleep for 4 weeks due to acid reflux. You healed my hernia. – Jim

You fixed my knee. I thank you.   Lucas

My best friend died 2 months ago…. I felt all of the grief leave…I can not thank you enough.

I felt like she knew all my secrets, pain, and negativity, & took it all out of me & into her. Thanks

Words cannot explain. COMPLETE RELIEF IN EVERY WAY!

I felt you absorb all of my problems and my pains… – Steve

Your touch has opened my heart…I felt the Divine within. I’m free. I am vibrating… Brandy

In 30 years more than 100 body-workers have worked on me. Believe me. you are the best. – David

Your breath was like the wind sweeping away dead ashes… Your voice lifted me, soothed me, put me in remembrance of my own inner Beauty. …Bobbi

I feel like my sins were pulled from me for a brief period, long Testimonials enough to catch my breath.

Totally an experience of ecstasy ……

I felt my body melt into & out of her hands. – Duane

I cannot begin to explain what happened, I just know I feel wonderful – Nicole

Lost in total ecstasy, freeing my mind, body, & soul… – Marilyn

I feel like while I was lying there, I was awakened! – Gavin

I feel like many of the bad things that have happened to me are somehow blown away with this cold air. ..

You have an extra-ordinarily Loving Presence ~ I felt safe & LOVED during your work. ~ Faith

My first healing with you was a great transformational experience. I could physically feel my Chakras – a first! Even days later the energy was still pouring out of the palms of my hands. Clearly you were one of the major people to help me along my latest spiritual journey. My second healing was just as important, but on a higher level. There are few that can do that. There are only a few healers that I trust or that I have used (in many decades of disciplined spiritual study). You are one! That is because I must find people who are clear, have good intent, and who I trust as a Mystic. Thanks for being you. Namaste’ ~ Gale Grey  -founder: Serendipity Seminars

Uplifted and energized, alive, pain free and light after 10 months of pain and depression ~ josh (broke her back snowboarding 10 months earlier)

GRACE WILL CHASE YOU DOWN !!!!!! Forever gifted, balanced in love – bathed in blue light, putty in  loving hands – melted away. Free of that which no longer serves me – open to my new feminine colors … In the hands of this Angelic Shaman I SOAR – Fly, Fly Away ..to Bliss.

Nobody makes me laugh like u do! My entire body was on fire – I was laughing till it hurt! YOU ROCK!!! You are a true GURU ~ Christina

The first time I saw this stand in the middle of the desert, and in it this person all smiles and energy, I knew they would be the one to fix me. I’ve had this shoulder pain for over 5 years. …..I CAN FEEL MY SHOULDER very differently. I felt so much… my body was telling things to DH and she just had to listen. TH! TH! TH! TH! TH! TH! Thank you !!!!!!!!

As soon as I heard the music, I felt your connection to the music and to me. I wish the music could have continued, but somehow your were able to pick up where the music left off. Your gentle, but strong, Loving hands found every vulnerable spot in my body. It was as if you were drawn to relax and comfort my body and soul. May the love you share continue to touch souls like it did mine. – Peggy Wolman

It was a totally revitalizing experience. I saw beautiful colors, so vibrant.

I saw sparks of energy leaving. Total relaxation! Absolutely fantastic.  ~Nanette

A very relaxing experience. I was able to totally release my tension.-

This was a marvelous experience. At times I left this plane for another space, a myriad of colors and energy flowing through the chakras. Very, very relaxing. – Randi Wilson

Thank you for everything you did my back and shoulders feel much more flexible.

I would love to get another massage when you come back – Susan Carlson.

I love the sensation of the skin sliding on the bones of my face! Thank you. I would love to do this again –

Wow! Just got back from 5 days of rowing on the green river, and you hit the spots of tension thanks.  ~Roben Volker

I really enjoyed the experience – it was wonderful! I was so nervous to try it but so glad I did!! ~Jean Dowd

I am excited to have met you and experience the healing.  I look forward to seeing you again.

I am floating – you are truly amazing. This has given me hope when I’ve been at a very low point in my life. I felt my fears were starting to control me.  Your touch has opened up my heart and my possibilities. You came when I needed you – thank you! I felt the divine with. I’m free. I’m vibrating. I’m drunk with this newfound energy.

Thank you – how wonderful, .light,, fun and marvelous sounds. You are so gifted! I esp. like the shoulder work – fingers in tight muscles. Such fun too. Love.  ~Marion Wallace ( practitioner)

Thank you ! I don’t know what that was , but it was good.  Saw purple light which I don’t see often.  Felt very grounded when it was over and a bit disoriented.  Also felt like I floated a little. Warm regards – Steve.

As soon as I felt your Touch our energies began to dance. I wasn’t expecting such a rush// a wave. As my neck and shoulders began to bubble. My tension was soon disappearing. Quite trippy in a serene way. – Darin

Thank you for your love. I felt light, darkness of peace. I felt warm, cold. I felt joy and love overall. The Father, through her, worked her love unto me. I am at peace and feel intense love. Thank you for this wonderful experience. – Colleen

This is much more than massage. My experience was one of cosmic healing. One of the best. You opened my heart. – Nick Maracich

Thank you – I felt great relaxation and “hot” hands – would have like the A/C off to fully experience your obviously wonderful talent! – Freddy

You have a special gift…you are helping people feel better-

As soon as I closed my eyes and began to relax. I didn’t think about much. I took deep breathes and cleared my head as much as possible. Once you began to work. I feel into a deep trance. I felt a surge of energy run through my body. I also had a very spiritual dream. It is hard to describe exactly how/what I felt. If eel so much better than I did before hand. I don’t feel nearly as stressed. I let go of a lot of things I kept bottled up. Thank you. Charlene T

No more fear – of universe – heart strong no more fear – vibrating arms legs – no fear. Fear goes –strong heart – vibrating center from within – fear leaves, no one can hurt nothing can hurt from within. I am strong. …. – Deiedrie

Angels guarding Angels, floating above me. Yummy floating gathering give me touch. Thank you –

Right now my body feels like it is floating, that I have no weight. I can hardly write this. During our session lots of energy was going through my body sometimes pervading- sometimes in sections. My body felt like it was emptied for new pure energy to flow through it. The unwanted energy exited ??? out down my spine and out into the ??? I saw lots of green blue purple. I saw an Indian woman. I think who had red radiating from her body. I saw a woman who was robed like Jesus. I was clothed somewhere back in biblical time. The most unusual color I saw was a string of fluorescent sparkling blue lights. It is hard to describe. It was connected on my left side and somewhat ???? in the center of my body. Then it burst and there were blue florescent sparklers everywhere. Wow! I was floating up in the night sky above the tree at times. In the beginning I was looking up into a very green sun lit forest – very peaceful. I am going to float anew out of here!- Thank you – Susan B.

PS. I forgot about seeing the Indian feathers and the chief. One more thing I saw a big heart of the universe open up in colors of green and blue.

Colorful. Warm. Balancing. Thank you ~Christine m

very soothing, relaxing and rejuvenating. I feel clean. The most soothing feeling that I have ever felt. –

Such a wonderful healing presence. I felt surround by love and it bypassed all my resistance. Your energies are wonderful.
Thank you so much for sharing your gift. Susanne W

I felt so less tense, something I am working on. I could tell your warmth and caring and energy. Keep up your wonderful work. –LG

This was the most loving, relaxing treatment I’ve ever had from a stranger. I loved the beautiful singing. You seemed to know my neck needed healing and you really helped me. Thank you ~ Barbara F

Thank you for the experience! I did feel move – in many ways. Very peaceful. ~ Sharon Parker

Kazow! Like nothing I’ve ever experienced in a massage/healing. Truly amazing. Your love for humankind positively flowed out. Thank you, thank you! ~Tona

An uplifting healing experience. Remarkable. Like nothing else I’ve ever felt before. Thank you for coming to the festival! Cinda

DH knew what needed working on without my telling her. And my stiff, stiff shoulders are released – I’ve been working on them slowly – this was fast! Also many other problem areas are better.

she’s very loving and her unconditional love and happy spirit are a gift to the world! ~Cheryl Hyman

Very knowing touch. For a time I was out in the galaxy somewhere watching planets go by. Your voice is lovely to listen to also – a little added bonus. Your being generates a lot of love. I want MORE!!! ~ Wendy Iser

I felt so relaxed it was sensual in a way as far as falling so deep into relaxation – after I cried and shook like convulsed almost even laughed then I cried again then just went deep into relaxation so much it is hard to walk and feel like I want to sleep – I am grateful for you. Peace – Carole

A unique experience. So much power! I felt so much love being sent into my body. I feel so relaxed and filled with energy. I may not sleep tonight. I will have with me and within me the healing I received. I thank you so .

A new, interesting experience. I felt what seemed like small electrical shocks from her hands. An emotional outpouring from me happed at one point. The physical contact felt very good. I feel changed and am looking forward to seeing how these changes play out in my life. Thanks ! – Rob Breenan

I felt like a rose opening up petal by petal. I felt a light inside of me opening up calmly and slowly! Thanks a bunch. ~ Sarala Conlan

I felt an amazing sensation of heat coming from her hand as the pain moved and subsided. God bless  ~Susan R

Spent an hour working on shoulders. Amazing to feel knots moving and just away they go, no ache, no pain, just away. My shoulders feel more opened and relaxed and full. ~Heidi Schernthanner

Strange/good sensations- pulsating energy in knees, head, back, heart, shoulders. Relaxing, soothing touch. Managed ‘savasana’ (in the present) for the first time, I think. Felt dark energy released and white energy received! I feel good, peaceful right now. Thanks.

Pure Giving – the secret to all healing revealed through your body and movement with mine only receiving….this is love – this is healing Pamela Rae (Solavie)

Holy shit! That was insane. At the beginning I felt my body slowly loosing control. I started falling through a large hole, almost like a black hole except with lots of colors everywhere. The force inside the hole would pull my body forward and when it let go I felt myself fall backward and my head had no control and was twisting back pushing the rest of my body forward. My face was pushed back by the force of the fall., cold and hot rushed through my body. I caught myself clenching and flexing my hands and feet and I don’t remember doing it. I am not sure but I think I was touched by invisible hands. If felt so free and I could breath so easy. When I opened my eyes I felt like I was waking up from a dream. Which I put my shoes on I got a strange burst of energy and my mood improved 10 times what it was before. Thank you so much-you have a new best friend ~Jim

.The 15 to 20 minutes were wonderful. I am looking forward to tomorrow and a longer session. When it was all done I felt loved! – Stacey H

Felt like an ocean of energy flowing. I felt f fell so deep through my body. I was dreaming. Very healing. Felt so relaxed. Quiets the mind alerts the senses and puts you in bliss – Selah r –

I feel like I drank two bottles of wine! My back feels great –

Thank you for helping my back feel sooo much better. ~

Thank you for helping to open back up my heart center.  My journey inward was like floating outward into colors of relaxation and peace. Thanks for touching my soul. – Anna

I felt I went into a very deep meditation, so wonderful! Colors in a deep cave in my soul. There was amazing heat and energy coming from your hands.- cyn h

You opened my healing through my hands. I could feel them vibrating and usually I don’t feel energy this way. A great step forward for me. I also believe she helped me with a soul healing – time will tell. Gale Grey (Serendipityseminars.com)

Your healing touch is a wonderful way to start the day ~ Sarah Michele

I could feel the energy throughout my body and incredible peace – there is something in my stomach trying to come out! I’ll be here on Monday – thank you. ~ Dorothy Gist

I felt an incredible sense of release – release of negative energies. My brain feels like it has more space in it. Love you! Carl Baldwin

What a tremendous release. I could feel negative energy leaving my body. Each time I have had energy work done by you – my experience is profound  ~Ashley L

Thanks so much, it was vibrating – what can I say it was moving and thank you. ~ Meegan.

Wow- amazing energy incredible energy and love.  Next time in SLC!!!!! ~ Corey Payne

Thank you for your energy and supporting words –

Joy – great experience

Wow – I saw the energy move –I feel great – this was just the shoulder – I’ll be back for the remaining ~  TX Marlene

Thanks so much for a few moments of light and healing touch. Tightness in my chest and back opened and let go of something that has been constricted for months. I feel lightened and grounded. Bless you in your work. Namaste- Janice-

Fantastic as usual-Felt like moving through a tunnel of colors-lead by my third eye Pulsing through to the outer limits of the universe-cleared my throat out that’s had garbage in it constantly.

Soooo Relaxing-just what I needed-wonderful soothing touch- Thank you. For sharing your gift with me an others.

Very relaxing and enjoy able- Takes awhile to “come back”. Thank you! Enjoy our area whenever you are here. ~ RY

Felt my back release – Mark C

Thanks a million! Ross K.

Upon lying on the table I had a head ache or some pressure and my neck was kinked. I wasn’t feeling really well.

Half way through my head ache or pressure left. Then about ¾ of the way through my neck pair left and I could feel tingling in my body, as if energy was being moved.

Your hands are so soft and comforting. Your way is kind and gentle, your hands really do manipulate the chi in one’s body. Thank you. Keep up the Holiness of your gift. Chris R.

Ancient massage! Resonating release need. Thank you. ~BRD

Thank you so much . My hip has been hurting so bad for the last 6 months….I felt a release in my hip when you worked on me. Thank you again.- Harmen

Your touch was exquisitely perceptive. I felt very listened to, read thru fingers and intuition and sheltered and gently led. Thank you deep. My neck feels much more open and fluid. Excellent and beautiful.  ~ Joshua

Thank you so much for the healing. I feel better already! ~ Emilie.

I experienced your touch as a luxurious, sensitive healing, full of knowing. Your gift became a blessing for me on the table. Lovely and just right. Many thanks and blessings to you. – Reuvain

Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience. I saw the future of a possible creative endeavor. Thank you, much love, ~ Candy

Many thanks for your healing. You are wonderful! Thank you. ~ Love, Alana

What a blessing! The colors and the movement of energy! Thank you, -~M

A wonderful experience! I feel calm like I was floating with you. Thank you so much! Love ~ Stacy

What a wonderful experience. Thank you and I hope to see you again. Love  ~ Vicky

Thank you for unfolding my angel wings—love and blessings! ~ Robin

I have always been disconnected from my feelings and body. I felt some connection and release-This is very unusual for me. I value this greatly. I will see you again. ~  Ben

Outstanding experience, my shoulder feels great. ~William Crowley

Luminous – powerful release. ~W

Thank you very much for the blessed healing you gave me. You are truly a wonderful being. I hope you take good care of yourself. I hope you allow yourself the time to receive healing.

Wow! I felt like I was on a cloud. The colors I saw were so vibrant! I am so relaxed it is difficult to write.

It was very relaxing and deep-rs

Thank you for a wonderful experience. I feel peaceful warmth inside. I found the general noise of the room a non distracting and relaxing background to the sensation. N P

Very relaxing and calming. A sense of quiet and stillness. Thank you-Kathie theall

Wonderful, and so calming and serene. Bless you and thank you.- Barbara Sloane

WOW! That’s the only thing I can say right now …WOW!!! – Michelle Wilson

Thanks so much, new experience. Bless you – Doer slc-

Thank you for your healing work. Your energy is beautiful. I would love to work with you in the future. You can always call me in Ketchum.- Kevin Lindeke cmt nctmb

Thank you so much. It was wonderful. Blessing to you. L Ch

WOW! – Speechless – and I can’t write. – Jenny Wilmer cmt ncmtb

Thank you. I felt tingling through out my whole body all session. I felt listing to the right, I felt bad energy leaving my body toward the end, then a rush to my feet and out. “Wow, great experience. Bless you Lissa Winslow, RMT

Thank you so much for a space of time that left a “peace” in my body I haven’t felt for a long time. Wonderful energy flow and a rainbow of color at the end. Very vivid. Best to you all -Teri Whitworth

Hi , I tried to wait until your session was over. I don’t want to have you work on another body after your 3 day marathon.  Please call and let me know if you have any slots available next time you are in town   Jennifer Campbell

Merci for taking me out of this world and placing me in another space. What an incredible experience! I am ready to go forward with a renewed energy and vision…best to you – Jill Parker

Thank you for the gift you gave me – I felt it through my whole being – the only healing that counts – pure, pure love and I reveled in the sounds –the songs. Keep doing what you are doing.  ~Connie Chesnel

Thank you for the wonderful experience. My first feeling was that it was going to be difficult to relax because of so much going on in the room. Then when you laid your hands on my shoulders there was a total feeling of calm and my breathing was deep and calm, when you touched the bridge of my nose, my sinuses immediately opened and my breathing became free flowing. The work on my neck was amazing and the tension that I had when arriving is now gone. Your hands were cold to the touch but I felt a heat pouring from them when you touched my abdomen. The experience was wonderful. At one point I felt like air. Thank you . –Mary – san Jose

I can not remember feeling such a sense of tranquility & peace. Every part of me thanks you – Pam

Never have I had an experience where I felt energy and life being put back into my body.

It was amazing and I felt more of my self than I did to begin with. You are so cool  ~-Tricha C

she brought me to a place where I could escape to Sanctuary, where I could not resist to feel…at peace- Angela

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